Hi, I’m Bunny Naidu

Bunny Naidu is an Indian Serial entrepreneur, he is the founder and CEO of HalfBrain, Co-founder and CEO of THB2.com, he was ranked 76th on the Crunchbase list of India’s Most Active Entrepreneurs.

Starting from 2014 bunny naidu has founded several startups in various sectors of the industry starting from entertainment and film industry to sophisticated industries such as information technology, home automation and Internet of Things


He started his career in 2014 with “CinemaBlend” an entertainment and movie news website which is developed on advanced technology driven tools. The firm majorly revolves around the film industry and entertainment related topics covering all over the world.

Cinemablend was acquired by TCS in 2015.


With all those push he got from the film industry and his passion to create something new lead him to launch “FilmyWala” a connecting medium for all those people who are involved in film industry. FilmyWala brings people from all the 24 crafts in to a single platform so that they can save time and their efforts in finding a perfect craftsmen for their work.

Citizen Services

From the beginning itself it’s making the rounds in his head, but what made him wait to launch citizen services is a perfect team who can feel the same responsibility for the society which he has. In june 2016 the perfect time has come up with a perfect team and citizen services was born. This is a common platform for the people who are willing to follow up the government to get their work done as quickly as possible. The works include problems faced by the general public due to the negligence of public servants starting from street lights to political and democratic issues.


In 2016 Bunny Naidu has started HalfBrain which has changed the way people think of information technology. Halfbarain is a multi technology firm which deals with several technologies in and across the globe.

The firm’s core technology platforms are

  • Information Technology(IT)
  • Home Automation
  • Sensors
  • Internet of Things(IoT)
  • Financial Technology

Website : www.halfbrain.co


Youtubeing is yet another entertainment website which includes huge videos collection round the globe. This site allows users to download high quality videos and audio files at free of cost and also without any sign in process. Youtubeing has started its operations in the year 2016 and developed by the same brain and a subsidiary of HalfBrain.

Website : https://www.youtubeing.com/


Mp3 bus is a one stop solution for all music lovers with high quality audio files from all the regions of the world. The site is built on advanced technology search engine which shows your search results with in a matter of seconds. Mp3Bus has started its journey in 2016 and sailing smooth to the nooks and corners of the world digitally. In 2018 HalfBrain acquired mp3bus and now it’s a subsidiary of HalfBrain

Website : www.mp3bus.com


Duckloading is a multi source Video Downloader. You can Download Videos From Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. this site has grabbed eyes of crores who are tired of loading. This nice and classy looking site lets you download videos for free and adfree. Duckloading started reaching out people in 2018 since then its a part of HalfBrain and officially announced as a subsidiary of HalfBrain.

Website : http://www.duckloading.com/


Considering the economic imbalances in the startup ecosystem HalfBrain had come up with a jaw dropping solution for both entrepreneurs and investors that is THB2. like all the other industries, startups all together can be considered as an industry. People in startups are having great thoughts which can boost the economy exponentially, but at the same time they face investment issues. To fill out those smallest of the gaps in the startup ecosystem THB2 started a common medium for both the investors and entrepreneurs. THB2 is leading business eMagazine since 2016 it has covered all the tech fields and various countries with its streamlined way of presenting articles business news, acquisitions etc. Starting from 2018 THB2 has focused only on the startups and pulling them out of their financial crisis.

Website : http://www.thb2.com/


WhatsNear is a Free city Guide application Operating Globally. Technological innovations and advancements wing of the HalfBrain has brainstormed for months to mould it in to reality. whatsNear is developed and tested considering all the problems faced by current maps. Our team of experts had put it under testing for more than a year to make it a well crafted masterpiece. Even though the team is actively working since 2018 the initial release of whatsnear developer version was announced in 2018.The beta version for the same will be released in march 2019 and the firm is already a part of HalfBrain

WhatsNear helps you explore the cities and streets on your fingertips. Navigate to the restaurants and hotels in the new town like a local. Schedule everything perfectly with our real time ETA and live traffic updates. Walked out of a subway? Confused with the map directions? Don’t worry, whatsnear comes with AR maps with precise location settings. Augmented reality maps allow you to overlap with real time locations from your camera view. You can be 100% sure before taking your next exit with whatsnear built in AR maps.

App Link (Unreleased ) : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.whatsnear.places

Bunny AI

Bunny AI is an advanced search engine built on artificial intelligence for the first time in it’s kind. Unlike all the other search engines bunny AI uses artificial intelligence to provide the precise and perfect results for the user. Bunny AI is one stop app for all services.here you can find prices for co-working spaces and pay online automatically, find nanny, pet-sitter, violin teacher or a yoga club, book cleaners, plumbers, make an appointment to a dentist, order your favorite food, request a quote from best tailors, whatever.

In one sentence it’s your personal jarvis kind of thing. Bunny AI is expected to release by the end of 2019 and the beta version is out now.

Website : https://bunny.earth


Here in chenetha online, we are a pack of youth who are concerned about the future of handlooms and handicrafts. So we joined our hands to heal this diminishing handloom industry and support weavers. Our goal is neither profits nor publicity, it is to enrich the “CRAFTSMAN” and fill new spirit in them.

We provide transparent sales and marketing platform for the weavers and craftsman. Through chenetha online weavers can register for free and showcase their products on our platform. With a dozen of marketing strategists and expertised team of social media and digital marketing specialists we spread the word digitally in and across the world. “CHENETHA.ONLINE” is all set for the launch in a couple of months ie june 2019.

Website : https://chenetha.online


INME is an Entrepreneur movement in India to create awareness in the youth about entrepreneurship and it’s benefits. India Needs More Entrepreneurs is the main theme of this movement and that is the origin of INME. Through this initiative we motivate the young and creative youth to become entrepreneurs. The benefits of the entrepreneurship are beyond any imagination.

INME has started it’s operations since 2018 during this 12 months period INME has trained several students and aspirants to become a successful entrepreneur. The firm is a subsidiary of HalfBrain. INME also provides guidance and business strategies for new entrepreneurs.

Motto : To Create More Jobs in India, India Needs More Entrepreneurs.

Insta : https://www.instagram.com/inmemovement/

Social Profiles :

Crunchbase : https://www.crunchbase.com/person/bunny-naidu

IMDB             : https://www.imdb.com/name/nm9472867/

LinkedIn       : https://in.linkedin.com/in/bunnynaidu

Twitter          : https://twitter.com/mrbunnynaidu

Instagram    : https://www.instagram.com/mrbunnynaidu/

YouTube      : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUdXywlDMPxiGs7QS6cN9Tg

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